For large businesses, managed IT services are ideal and tend to be the preferred technology solution. However, many medium-sized and small businesses resist this approach.

It is important that small and medium sized businesses that are looking for a managed IT services partner will thoroughly research their options. It often makes more sense and is much cheaper to use a local service that might be smaller but is more flexible and supportive. In the Greater Boston area one such company is Roan Solutions. They serve the areas throughout Lowell, Burlington, Billerica, Woburn, Tewksbury, and Andover and provide services such as Server Maintenance, Network Setup and Monitoring, Managed IT Services, Firewall installations and trouble-shooting to name just a few.

We have five reasons listed below that may change your mind about managed services.

Reason 1: Controlling costs is becoming increasingly important. In the current economic conditions, IT budgets are being slashed. However, cut spending for IT doesn’t mean demand for the services goes down. This results in having fewer resources to do the same or even greater amount of work. In the short-term, managed services may be more expensive. However, in the long term, especially after factoring in the domino effects from customer dissatisfaction and lost productivity, they are much less costly.

Reason 2: The complexity of IT is increasing. The breadth and sheer amount of information technology required by businesses today puts mid-sized and small business at a big disadvantage. Equipment needs to be upgraded on a constant basis and new IT specialties continue to emerge in various areas, from networking to telephony. This makes if very tough for small businesses to keep up with the expertise needed to manage the new technologies properly.

Reason 3: You rely on IT more than ever. In the past couple of years companies have become more and more dependent on IT. Increased uses of IT results in more outages and productive losses.

Reason 4: Your current solutions are inefficient. In-house IT departments staffed by one or two people are not sufficient to handle the inevitable IT breakdowns that occur in today’s high-tech world. When this happens, employees frequently need to wait for help to arrive. This results in employees being less productive and having lower morale. Employees who are unhappy also tend to be less productive.

Reason 5: You are required to maintain compliance. These days, more companies find themselves subject to various regulations that they must comply with, from HIPPA to Sarbanes-Oxley. A majority of small business simply do not have the necessary resources to completely understand these regulation requirements, let alone having the means to comply with them.

The best reason of all to consider bringing manged IT services on board is if your company’s specialty isn’t IT. If the management of IT infrastructure isn’t related at all to your core competency, there really isn’t any good reason why you should outsource this function to an expert. Having managed services will enable you to make use of internal IT resources and personnel for other purposes, like supporting the company’s strategic business objectives.

The world of information technology is rapidly growing at an unexpected pace and every company, be it small or medium should compete with the multi-national organizations around the globe. Enterprise IT systems is becoming much more complex than ever and when other priorities pressure you, going for managed IT services in Boston seems a legit option than anything else. Without having to setup a dedicated team, communications network or renovate the infrastructure, you can bolster your company’s performance and persona with your clients as well as customers by opting for reliable managed IT services offered by a reputed company. The service providing company will take care of your every IT related issue right from cloud and hosting services to help desk, application management, data backup and recovery among many other functions.

Small and medium businesses are target driven solely focusing on clients and their needs all the time. In this scenario, maintaining one’s own IT department and facing related requirements or issues becomes quite difficult. Instead, they can always opt to outsource and acquire comprehensive coverage with managed IT services through a professional company. Most of them offer the freedom of grow as you go policy using which you can expand the services rendered, hire more IT technicians, increase number of desktop PCs or get better storage space on the cloud as the requirement increases. The prime benefit that you can gain by going for managed IT services is reduced maintenance costs and the ability to expand on demand. Besides, the technical expertise and manpower required for data management, maintenance, backup and security can be considerably reduced while gaining peace of mind.

A variety of services and solutions are included with managed IT services such as IT asset, lifecycle management, IT helpdesk and service desk, hosted email solutions, remote user services, IMAC services among other custom solutions. The pricing and services offered will always be completely customized to suit every client. No job will be considered too big or too small because the company is solely dedicated to providing valued services to small and medium businesses. The advantage of outsourcing IT requirements allows you to avail only what you need and avoid paying for facilities that you may use somewhere in the future. You can expand or contract your services because the service provider offers maximum flexibility to enable smooth operation of your business.

Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services

When you go for managed IT services and get the job outsourced, a slew of advantages can be gained including,

  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Access to unlimited manpower and resources
  • Reliable IT solutions
  • Cost effective IT related services with the ability to expand on demand
  • Professional, custom made solutions

Go for a company that has ample experience in the industry and have earned positive customer reputation with their exceptionally good service. The best in the industry will always combine talent with the right resources and technology to offer you comprehensive solutions which will project your business towards greater success. A huge list of organizations have opted for managed IT services and have experienced the convenience that it offers. Get what you need without any hassles under one roof.